What is LTO?

LTO – also known as Linear Tape-Open is an open standard based around magnetic tape backup systems for data storage. The system was developed in conjunction with a number of different organisations (collectively known as the LTO Consortium) and was designed to be a drop in replacement for the older DLT system of data storage. This meant that different branded LTO tapes/cartidges products are interchangable with other brands and gave those organisation opperating tape libraries to easily convert from the DLT system to the LTO system.

Since 2000, the system has gone by the name of Ultrium.

Since 2002 LTO has been the best selling form of super-tape for data storage and backup available on the market.

Who uses LTO?

LTO products are used by a broad range of businhesses for backing up critical data. SMEs may use a single drive with a few cartidges whereas larger business may have a huge automatic robot control tape media library which finds, and inserts the relevant cartridges as required.

Different Types of LTO

There are a number of different types of LTO Products which include:

LTO 1 | LTO 2 | LTO 3 | LTO 4 | LTO 5

LTO is probably one of the most widely used super tape media storage solutions. Find out more visit: LTO Ultrium.

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